Sony NW A 918 Walkman withTV Tunner

Sunday, October 4, 2009 ·

A little bit reviews Mp3 Player from Sony. Although this Mp3 has been released from November 2007 but until now still a lot of buyers. I bought this mp3 player in April 2008. I was confused to chose between the iPod, Kenwood and Panasonic. But I finally chose this Sony NW A918 because there are several advantages compared with others.

There are 2 advantages of this MP3 Player. Sony NW A918 is the latest revolution Sony Walkman. Mp3 Walkman with TV Tuner. So besides listening to music mp3 we can watch TV programs but only in areas of Japan. And incredibly we can record TV programs that we could not see. TV screen can also be arranged, Landscape or Potrait. Here are excerpts of reviews from

NW-A910 series come with an internal one-seg TV tuner for watching digital TV. The service is limited to Japan only and with upto 16GB of flash memory you can record upto 16 hours of TV programming and with support for EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) you can program the device to record a particular TV program. One shortcoming is the small 2.4 inch display, come on Sony, TV is always better on the big screen a 3.5 - 4.0 inch screen would be ideal. It supports playback of majority of audio / video formats

From these reviews I was interested in buying this MP3 Player. But unfortunately I just found this with a capacity of 8 Gb. Well rather be 8 hours of recorded TV programs. That means I can record a football game broadcast from 3 to 4 matches World Cup at that time. :)

Earphone Sony NW A918 offers noise cancellation as well, so advice to you do not listen the music when was driving the vehicle because the sound horn or other vehicles will not be heard. The onboard DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) further enhances the sound quality. The Lithium Ion battery provides 6 hours of TV viewing, 8.5 hours of recording with the display off and around 36 hours of music playback. The Sony NW-A918 is compatible with Windows only, sorry Mac users.


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