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Saturday, August 29, 2009 ·

Greetings! Hello world, welcome in my blog, sigawa.com. Personal SIte of GAnjar WijayA. Sigawa.com is a new domain from the previous domain, empal-gentong.blogspot.com commencing from 9 November 2009.

I'm the skinny guy from Cirebon, Indonesia and now living in Iwata, Japan. I started blogging recently in 2007. My blog is a reflection of my life and thoughts. I love writing and reading. I write what I wanted to write with some occasional review. I hope this blog have many readers. And each of my posting, the information could be useful for readers although slightly.

My close friend usually said that I'm a strange person or mysterious person but whatever... lol. I like to learn new things and blogging helps a lot. I am very pleased when my ability is used and was trusted to do the job themselves. I want a challenging job that sense and mind, without involving a lot of people. I think logically, fairly, and felt compelled to be honest with anyone. For me it is important to achieve something and succeed. My motto is must work hard first and have fun later.

I Enjoy a glass of avocado shake, listening to music. Traveling, connecting and hanging out with my close friends and glad to hear stories from my friends especially about their love and the journey. Taking pictures and spending my time with my family.

This blog intentionally written in English because I want to invite people especially Indonesian, for love speak English. Do you remember we learn English at school from kids to adults but because it is not often used, rare people who can speak English. English Language is the international language, Japanese, Korea and our neighboring country Malaysia are now very heavily promoting its citizens for love speak English, so we as citizens of Indonesia should not be defeated by them.

And I say thanks to you who read my blog and leave comment behind. I'm sorry if my English not to understandable, because my mother language is Bahasa Indonesia, lol. Do not forget to visit my other blogs about tropical fish. For questions about this blog, please contact via email to wijaya.ganjar[at]gmail.com. OK see you in another time and chance.


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